Male Hair Transplant

These hair transplant photos of a bald male hair transplant, show that even bald men, who have been significantly bald for many years, can still have hair transplants.

It is still important for many men to want to have hair, even though they may have lost hair at a young age. Undoubtedly, hair loss does cause a lack of self confidence and prematurely ages the patient.

These before and after male hair transplant photos show a range of skin, hair and racial types to show possible results for hair transplant results. They include FUE and FUT (strip) graft numbers from 1000 to 2500. For the cost of hair transplants, please see our guide on the menu bar.

White male balding Case Study 1

Young man, 28 years, with extensive male pattern hair loss

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White male vertex balding Case Study 2

Male vertex and crown loss with some retained frontal hair, long hair style

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Completely bald male Norwood 6 or 7 case study 3

Significant hair loss for many years, fine hair and only an average density donor area, this man has to be realistic about results with hair transplants. But after just one session of 2200 strip (FUT) hair transplants, in 9 months, he already has a natural pattern showing and has booked for a second transplant to his vertex and crown.

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Asian bald male Case Study 4

Asian male, bald Norwood 6, initially a hair piece wearer, has 3 large hair transplantation sessions. Before and after results of 5900 grafts

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White male Case Study 6

White male, mid 40’s and 3 sessions of hair transplants, total 5343 strip FUT grafts

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White male Case Study 7

Mid 30’s white male, one session of strip FUT grafts, 2200 total

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Norwood 6 bald, 2500 FUT grafts

Norwood 6 bald, 2500 FUT grafts

Norwood 6 bald, 2500 FUT grafts Norwood 6 bald, 2500 FUT grafts

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