Hair Loss Concerns

Hair loss concerns

There have been many hair loss solutions put forward to cure male hair loss and female hair loss over the centuries, from Snake and Emu Oil, aloe vera shampoo, the inversion remedy, laser hair stimulation, herbal hair loss shampoos and even rubbing on curry paste.

Some of them possibly may help, but none of them are the breakthrough they claim. However, the best hair loss and hair transplant clinics all agree, that there are hair loss products and hair loss treatments, which are clinically proven to regain or maintain thinning hair or at least, make the hair quality look and feel better.

Westminster Clinic can provide information about the causes and the treatment of your hair loss.

Hair loss causes

We provide the following treatments:

Hair camouflage

This hair loss treatment includes hair shampoos, hair thickeners, conditioners, and cosmetic cover ups. These are useful to know about because they can make your hair look better whilst waiting for the medication to work or the hair transplants to grow again. In general though, when you have thinning hair and the scalp is showing, they do help, either every day or maybe just on special occasions – job interviews, weddings, first dates etc.

Camouflage products

Hair loss medication and drugs

This includes Propecia, Regain and Avodart. These are important because they can actually stop further hair loss (which, psychologically, is half the battle) as well as regrowing and improving the hair quality. They are also effective in the majority of patients and should not be dismissed. Particularly effective when used in conjunction with hair transplantation. These hair loss drugs are available through us at our shop: Hair loss drugs

Hair surgery

The main hair loss treatment method nowadays is hair transplantation but there are also alternative methods, depending on the type of hairloss. Essentially, your own hair is redistributed to cover the balding areas and will grow for a lifetime. Particularly successful when used in conjunction with medication.

Hair surgery

Scalp Micro Pigmentation (SMP)

This is like tattooing but using medical grade inks for a long lasting effect. It isn’t for everybody and does depend on the skill of the operator to match the characteristics of your own hair but can be effective and is gaining in popularity.

Scalp Micro Pigmentation (SMP)

We don’t however, provide:

Hair pieces, wigs

These are non living devices, that are worn on the head, to give the illusion of hair replacement. This hair loss remedy can be very effective if qood quality, real hair is used and the hair piece is regularly maintained and replaced.

Hair pieces

Hair implants

These are synthetic fibres, a bit like non dissolvable stitches, which are coloured to match your hair and then looped and tied into your skin. They do cause many problems though, so we don’t recommend this form of hair loss treatment.

Hair implants

Sometimes when people say hair implants they actually mean hair transplants.

Hair transplants

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