Crown hair transplant

A crown hair transplant can fill in a balding crown can be done in a number of ways, the photos below show the before and after results of strip hair transplants but the list of possible methods also include:

hairpieces (wigs), Propecia tablets, scalp reduction surgery (Frechet scalp reduction) and micropigmentation


Bald crown grey hair transplant - case study 1

This is a 55 year old man with a coarse and dense donor hair, who had 1500 strip follicular unit grafts in one session

Bald male crown Case Study 2

A 38 year old man, one hair transplant treatment of 900 FUT grafts

Large bald crown Case Study 3

A 40 year male, large crown hair loss, before and after results of 1800 strip FUT grafts

What our patients say

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