Crown Hair Transplant

A crown hair transplant can fill in a balding crown can be done in a number of ways, the photos below show the before and after results of strip hair transplants but the list of possible methods also include:

hairpieces (wigs), Propecia tablets, scalp reduction surgery (Frechet scalp reduction) and micropigmentation


Bald crown grey hair transplant - case study 1

This is a 55 year old man with a coarse and dense donor hair, who had 1500 strip follicular unit grafts in one session

Bald male crown Case Study 2

A 38 year old man, one hair transplant treatment of 900 FUT grafts

Large bald crown Case Study 3

A 40 year male, large crown hair loss, before and after results of 1800 strip FUT grafts

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What our patients say

It’s ten to one and I’ve had my strip removed. I’m eating lunch whilst the girls are working on my grafts.

My experience has been so positive, the consultation professional and friendly, taking on board all my concerns.The girls have been funny, keeping me relaxed.

Thank you all.