Scalp Micropigmentation

HPT® scalp micropigmentation 

Hair microPigmentation Treatment, more commonly know as scalp micro-pigmentation or scalp tattooing is a revolutionary semi-permanent micro-pigmenting technique that offers an alternative option for both male and female patients suffering from hair loss who are not appropriate candidates for hair transplant surgery. HPT® involves the use of a digitally controlled needle which applies medical grade hypoallergenic colour pigment into the scalp. As well as male and female pattern hair loss, HPT® can create the illusion of hair for patients suffering from a host of scalp conditions including scarring alopecia’s, alopecia areata, totalis and universalis, as well as hair loss due to injuries and burns or disguising older FUT or FUE surgery scars.

HPT® for male pattern baldness

HPT® scalp micropigmentation can create the illusion of either denser looking hair, creating a hairline or even full head coverage ‘shaven look’ which previously may have been unachievable with other hair loss solutions. The hairline is the most important part of your scalp micro-pigmentation treatment, as this is the focal point, and will determine the overall look. If not done correctly the treatment will look unnatural and fake. Our experienced technician will work with you to design, mark, measure and approve each hairline before any pigment is implanted. Some patients may wish for a very defined hairline, but we often advise them to try a more natural look that takes into account age-appropriateness and ethnicity.

HPT® with transplant surgery

HPT® scalp micro-pigmentation is a cost effective hair loss solution which can also enhance any successful transplant surgery, either Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) of Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT), by creating the illusion of thicker ‘hair’ at root level and infilling between transplanted grafts. This treatment can be used in combination with surgery if the patient does not have enough donor hair for surgery or requires additional density to improve the overall result of their transplant.

HPT® for transplant scarring

HPT® scalp micropigmentation has been effectively used on a number of patients to camouflage scarring; either strip scarring, hole punch or plug marks left after hair transplant surgery. The pigment is implanted into the scar tissue, matching the hair follicles and hair surrounding it and depending on the type of scar that needs camouflaging the pigment will be blended into the hair surrounding the scar for a more natural look. Scar tissue is very different in composition to that of healthy skin and can be unpredictable in how it reacts to scalp micro-pigmentation treatment and retention of the implanted pigment. HPT® is only appropriate for the treatment of scars more than a year old which have fully healed.

HPT® for female hair loss

We understand how devastating this condition can be for women, in particular, who often feel self-conscious and isolated when experiencing hair loss. However, female hair loss is a problem that is effecting an ever-increasing number of women due to modern lifestyles and varying medical conditions. HPT® scalp micropigmentation has immediate results and will create the illusion of thicker hair, taking the focus away from the scalp or bare patches and reduces the time and pressure of having to hide these thinning or bare patches under headwear or ensuring your hairstyle is always ‘exact’ to cover these areas.

HPT® Treatment Cost

How much does HPT® cost?

HPT® scalp micro-pigmentation treatment will vary by patient depending on your level of hair loss and the area to be treated. As a guide, HPT® scalp micro-pigmentation treatments range from £750 (Type 2) to £3,000 (Type 7). Scar camouflage is priced on an individual patient basis.

For a better understanding of your level of hair loss please see Norwood-Hamilton scale

We would always prefer to talk to our potential patients first to get a better understanding of your hair loss history and your expectations of the treatment. This way we are better placed to ascertain if HPT® scalp micro-pigmentation is the right hair loss solution for you.

However, if you’re looking for a quick estimate for the cost of treatment please feel free to send us a photo of your hair loss or transplant scarring to and we will reply with an estimate for your treatment.

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