Female Hair Transplant

Female hair transplant.

Although when people mention hair transplants, they tend to think of male celebrities, in fact a hair transplant can benefit many women.

The principle behind female hair transplants is just the same as men – hair is taken from the donor area, usually using the strip method and replaced into the thinning hair. With female hair loss though, the donor area also sometimes thins, so expectations must be realistic about the number of grafts achievable in one session – normally around 1500 follicular units.

Female hair transplant

This female hair transplant is one session via FUT (strip) hair transplant technique, of 1100 grafts (follicular units).

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What our patients say

Excellent team. I’m thrilled with the results from my first hair transplant. Looking forward to seeing how my hair thickens after this second visit. Thank you for all your hard work. I really enjoyed the day.