Hair Transplant Repair

A hair transplant repair usually means a scar that is cosmetically unacceptable. We are able to repair and improve many types of hair transplant scars, from old punch graft “dice” to FUT strip surgery that’s poorly healed and even putting hair transplants onto skin grafts.

Sometimes, when people say hair transplant repair, they don’t always really mean that – what they really mean is that it hasn’t achieved their aim; whether that’s density, coverage etc. It is in fact normal to have two or three hair transplants but it doesn’t necessarily mean the second or third are “repairs.” But if patients do not understand or have not been told this, they may perceive the first one as a failure and can be mislead by unscrupulous marketing which promises everything just to secure a sale. Read our upfront consent form

However, it is important to understand that all hair transplants cause some degree of scarring – do not believe hair transplant sites that claim:  surgery free, scalpel free or scar less hair transplant surgery. True hair transplantation involves surgery, local anaesthetics etc.

FUE leaves small round dot scars which are randomly placed in between the remaining hairs – but they are there.

FUT strip surgery is essentially all the white dots scars but placed into a straight line which is easier to spot with short hair.

Punch grafts leave large round dots which essentially are like FUE but on a bigger scale.

Other scars we can help with include trauma, burns, cleft lip, skin grafts and radiotherapy.

Treatments for hair transplant scars include:

scar revision – which is removing only the scar tissue but no hair. This enables the strip to heal with less tension

FUE into the scar

Scalp micropigmentation into the scar (smp scar camouflage)

Hair transplant scar repair

Hair transplant scar before, performed at another clinic, much improved by Dr Rogers

hair transplant scar repair

Additional Images

Strip scar repair

Not a badly healed scar but not as good as it could be and is visible with the short hair style the patient is now preferring.

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Very professional team and painless hair transplant. Recommending without a doubt!