No Treatment At All

It may seem strange that a hair transplant clinic may not recommend hair transplantation but it’s not compulsory to have any treatment for your hair loss, many men and women accept it or at least, or do no more than get a sympathetic hair cut.

It’s not for everybody; it can be a commitment (like a tattoo is), it has costs (most patients will have 2-3 over a lifetime), not everyone is a suitable candidate, you might be too young for surgery and should have Propecia first. But hair transplants can be great.

We want patients to be happy with their results, feel more confident, recommend us to their friends.

That’s why this website has so much information, why we are transparent about costs, you can download the consent form today and see genuine photos.

If you understand the techniques and see us for a consultation, you are then the one to decide if it’s for you.

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What our patients say

Made me feel very comfortable. Friendly and professional, a very good experience. I would definitely recommend this hair transplant clinic. Thank you all so very much.