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There are no magic solutions to hair restoration, but there are a variety of techniques that work, all of which are discussed here. These are non surgical solutions for hair loss treatment which you can buy and use at home, rather than surgical treatments such as hair transplants or stem cell treatments.

Using the information here, you can make the decision that suits you best. We offer all these treatments, enabling us to truly tailor the best hair loss treatment to suit your needs and aspirations. You can buy some of these hair loss tablets and treatments from us directly.

Some of these hair loss tablets require a doctors private prescription, which we can arrange by an easy online consultation. These drugs include the various 5 alpha reductase inhibitors, as originally used for protate disease.

Hair tech

Hair tech


You can download information sheets and consent forms here.


Propecia tablets are currently the most effective licensed drug for treating hair loss. It slows, stops or regrows hair in 81% of men. Also known as Finasteride.

It is now possible to get by prescription only, topical Finasteride and topical Dutasteride, for those who would prefer to use a gel on their scalp instead of tablets


The chemical name for Propecia is Finasteride, and it has been used in hair loss treatment for more than twenty years. It needs to be used for at least a year before you can know for sure whether it’s working, although some people will see an improvement before this time. Occasionally, positive results are achieved in as little as three months. The longer it is used, the better. In each year after the first twelve months, there continues to be a 2-3% improvement until a plateau is reached after five years. However, 80-90% of the best achievable result will be reached within 12-18 months of starting the programme.

Is Finasteride safe?

Finasteride is known to be a very safe drug and is highly unlikely to interact with any other commonly taken drugs, including alcohol, antibiotics, painkillers or even ‘recreational’ drugs. Although there are no long-term studies showing serious side effects, Finasteride has been used very safely for thirty years as a 5mg tablet in treating prostate disease.

It has been extensively studied and there appears to be no evidence for any post finasteride syndrome side effects.

How does Finasteride work?

Finasteride works by ‘blocking’ the action of 5 Alpha 1 reductase, which is an enzyme that makes dihydrotestosterone (DHT) from testosterone (see causes of hair loss). Only scalp hair responds to Propecia. “I have taken it for 22 years with no side effects, but have achieved slight regrowth of frontal hair and crown hair and definitely arrested the ongoing hair loss.” – Dr Rogers.

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Avodart (Dutasteride) is a tablet that is still undergoing trials in many countries, including the UK, but is not yet licensed for hair loss, although it is licensed for the treatment of prostate disease.

However, the original studies showed it works slightly better than Propecia, as it benefits 90% of men. The side effects are slightly more common – about 2% of men compared to Propecia with just 1% of men suffering side effects.Results so far seem to suggest that it is 10% more effective than Propecia but it is a any newer medication, so we have less experience of any long-term side effects.

Those who don’t respond to one or get side effects with the other, may still benefit from switching to the other one in the family of DHT blockers.


Download the Propecia & Avodart consent form. We need you to fill in the consent form before we can supply you with Propecia or Avodart.

Propecia request consent for treatment


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Minoxidil (Regaine) solution. Minoxidil was used initially in the treatment of high blood pressure, and has achieved some modest results in promoting scalp hair growth. However, a side effect of this can be increased hair growth across the whole body, not just scalp hair.

This does not appear to be a problem when Minoxidil is used in solution rather than tablet form. Unfortunately, Minoxidil is not particularly effective but users can see some benefit from reduced hair loss and even some regrowth. The solution also tends to cause skin irritation. However, Minoxidil is readily available and can be more effective when used with Propecia. The two drugs work in different but complementary ways.

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MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane)

Is a tablet supplement which seems to promote better growth of hair and nails. It will not counteract genetic hair loss but can help your remaining hair retain quality growth.


There are no “super vitamins” which will stop hair loss but a vitamin (or mineral) deficiency can result in poor hair growth. Particularly important are Iron, Zinc, vitamin Bs and also essential fatty acids (most commonly found in meat eating diets but also in vegetarian diets if care is taken to include them).

Stem Cell treatments and therapy

Stem Cell treatments and therapy are the very latest options using activated stem cells to reactivate the hair follicles before they become too dormant. Using our Stem Gems in Nanofat transplantation is a minor procedure to relocate abdominal fat stem cells to the scalp and improve hair quality.

Essentially like a supercharged version of PRP – the evidence is now mounting that they can help male and female pattern hair loss, alopecia areata and potentially chemotherapy hair loss too.

PRP, A cell and Stemvita (Nanofat stem cell) treatments

  • Cost of Single PRP (platelet rich plasma) session – £500
  • Course of 4 PRP sessions – one every 3 months – £1500
  • Cost of PRP with PRF (platelet rich fibrin) + £550 per session or – £1600 for 4
  • Cost of a Stemvita Nanofat session £3000 usually at 18 month intervals

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PRP, A cell

PRP, A cell are treatments based around extracellular components of the blood and skin. The theory is that the accessory chemicals involved in healing, will also promote better growth of the hair (and also tried in facial rejuvenation, bone repair etc). There is evidence to suggest that it can help but realistically will not regrow significant hair loss.

PRP, A cell and Stemvita (Nanofat stem cell) treatments

  • Cost of Single PRP (platelet rich plasma) session – £500
  • Course of 4 PRP sessions – one every 3 months – £1500
  • Cost of PRP with PRF (platelet rich fibrin) + £550 per session or – £1600 for 4
  • Cost of a Stemvita Nanofat session £3000 usually at 18 month intervals


Mesotherapy is shallow injections of vitamins to induce regrowth but again the evidence is weak.


Spironolactone is an old drug, used to reduce androgens in general. Although it can be effective, it is a bit like using a shotgun approach, compared to drugs like Propecia.

Cyproterone and Oestrogens

Cyproterone and Oestrogens are usually used in women, rather than men (unless transgender) as they will drastically change the balance of sex hormones in the body. They reduce the androgenic hormonal balance and are very useful for women with poly cystic ovary syndrome and can be used for women with male pattern hair loss.

Laser combs, helmets and lasercaps

There is little evidence of significant effect. The best results demonstrated still only showed regrowth of wispy hairs, rather than good, long, quality hairs

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