Dr Richard Rogers hair transplant doctor

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Dr Richard Rogers Hair Transplant doctor

Dr Richard Rogers Hair Transplant doctor – performing high quality, patient centred, hair transplant surgery since 1996.

Originally a GP with a special interest in Dermatology, he accidentally came across a hair transplantation advert for a national hair transplant clinic.

Initially, he only intended doing it for 6 months whilst studying his MRCP, but he found his forte and it’s now nearly 23 years since then and Dr Rogers has seen many changes in the science of hair loss, as well as hair transplant techniques.

Naturally artistic, he specialises in “natural” hairlines – those that appear to have the randomness, irregularity and angulation of real hair, rather than the “Action Man” look.


He is well known to have the experience and skill to improve previous hair transplants, whether punch graft repair or strip hair transplant scar repair. Not many surgeons have this skill nowadays, as many young doctors choose only to learn the less demanding skill of FUE and never learn how to perform the best strip (FUT) hair transplants.

Dr Rogers was one of the first, new generation of doctors to learn strip micrograft hair transplant surgery. This had replaced the more primitive technique of punch grafting only a few years previously. Since then, Dr Rogers’ career has mirrored the ever improving standards of modern hair transplantation, including leading the way in many areas and contributing worldwide to the state of the art knowledge.

Dr Rogers was the first to introduce FUE (follicular unit extraction) into the UK in 2003, as well as the trichophytic closure.

Dr Rogers complaints about FUE technicians, the hair transplant robot and the poor quality of many Turkish hair transplants, are well known.

He is also available as a hair transplant medico legal expert witness with training in clinical report writing from Bond Solon and consequently has been in much demand whenever an experienced, neutral hair transplant expert is required by solicitors to give an opinion on their cases.



  • The International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery ISHRS
  • Fellow of The Trichological Society, Founding member TTS
  • Vice President of the British Association of Hair Restoration Surgeons 2009
  • Fellow Royal Society Public Health
  • Diplomate Occupational Medicine

TV, radio and print media interviews

  • BBC1
  • BBC2
  • Channel 4 “Bald”
  • Bravo
  • Notts TV
  • Radio 2  – Chris Evans, Hair transplant expert 2010
  • Simon Mayo, Hair expert 2011
  • Radio 5Live, Worcester BBC radio
  • Daily Mail
  • The Telegraph
  • The Sunday Times
  • The Mirror


  • History and state of the art hair transplantation, guest speaker SK:N 2016 conference
  • The Slanticle – International Hair Forum Journal 2010
  • Asymmetric Hair Loss – International Hair Forum Journal 2003
  • Asymmetric Hair Loss – European Society of Hair Restoration Surgeons, Zurich 2003
  • Guest speaker TTS AGM  – 2009, 2011

Training & Mentoring

Dr Rogers has mentored many new doctors to the speciality of har transplant surgery, as well as helping to set up their first clinics, which can be a daunting task. We run a hair transplant academy taster weekend for those who want to know more.

  • Trainer for hair restoration – UK and International, both doctors and hair transplant technicians
  • Dr Ted Miln
  • Dr Kevin Macdonald
  • Dr A Kemp – Aesthetic medicine
  • Mr S Liggins – Prof Maxillo facial surgery
  • Dr D Dhunna – Aesthetic medicine
  • Dr J Goldstone – Aesthetic medicine
  • Mr D Rejali – ENT surgeon
  • Dr Anne Kremer ENT surgeon
  • Dr Sotiris Fujiotsola – cosmetic surgeon
  • Dr A Korien, Egypt
  • Dr Akshay Batra,  Mumbai, India

Over the years, Dr Rogers has been in demand by many clinics, such as Vinci Hair, Transform, FUE Clinics, Hair Transplant Surgeries and Dr Batra clinics, but has always preferred to be independent and performs hair transplants at Westminster Clinic, based in Harley St, London, UK.

What our patients say

Dr Rogers Compliment Letter 2015 – SG

When I arrived at the clinic on Harley Street I was welcomed warmly by the staff and did not have to wait long before the Surgeon (Dr Richard Rogers) came and introduced himself. I then sat down with Dr Rogers who spent time getting to know me, asking very detailed questions. He then spent some time with me penciling on different hairlines giving me plenty of time to think, whilst giving his expert opinion and advice on what would look the most realistic. When I had decided on the placement of my new hair line Dr Rogers made sure that I was happy with the outline drawn one last time walking round showing me it from different angles using a mirror.

Through Dr Rogers being so intent on making sure I was 100% happy with the procedure before going ahead really helped me feel comfortable and sure with my decision. With my hairline drawn and having been made to feel completely relaxed by Dr Rogers I was walked to the surgery. Even then Dr Rogers continued to make me feel comfortable introducing me to each of his nurses and explaining each step to me in detail of what they would be doing whilst he performed the procedure.

Having talked through the procedure with me and going over everything in extreme detail Dr Rogers asked me to place myself on the chair and then began to adjust the position making sure that I was completely comfortable. Now that I was sat comfortably and ready for the procedure to begin Dr Rogers began to guide me through each step before doing so. To begin with he explained that he would be administering general anesthetic to numb the surrounding area, and told me that it may hurt a little like a pinch. However, I did not feel a thing! In fact I didn’t even realise Dr Rogers had begun, he was so gentle and light handed I was shocked and of course extremely pleased!

With the first part out of the way and the surrounding area completely numb, Dr Rogers told me that he would now begin to remove the strip of skin. At this stage I could honestly not believe how it was possible that I could not feel my skin being cut away. Throughout the procedure I was not once in pain and Dr Rogers continually made sure that I was ok and checked that I was in no kind of pain.

Better still Dr Rogers talked to me throughout the procedure and joined in with conversations between the nurses and myself. This really made me feel at ease and at times I nearly forgot that I was having a hair transplant. With my strip of skin removed and the nurses now taking each hair follicle from the skin, Dr Rogers began to stitch my skin back together. Even now I could not feel a thing and before I knew it Dr Rogers had finished.

Whilst the nurses continued to separate the hair follicles Dr Rogers offered me some water and asked if I had any food to eat to help boost my sugar levels. Once I had eaten a snack and topped myself up with water Dr Rogers made sure that I was comfortable before the procedure continued. He then explained that he would be administering some local anesthetic to the surrounding area for the hair follicles to be placed. With the area numbed and having been told what was to happen next Dr Rogers began to make tiny pin pricks into my skin for the hair follicles to be placed in by his nurses. I cannot stress enough how I did not feel a thing and it was over with so quickly, he was a magician with his hands! It was now time for the final part of the procedure; the nurses began to delicately place my hair follicles in one by one.

With the procedure now finished and my new hairline complete, I was given plenty of time to slowly sit myself up. Dr Rogers then offered me some water and food to help boost my sugar levels. Now that I had my bearings back, Dr Rogers walked me into a quiet room and showed me to a mirror. He then said that he would leave me for a few minutes to look at the hairline. After a few minutes had passed he knocked on the door and asked if I was happy with the outcome, to which I found myself near on speechless! I told him how happy I was with it and continually thanked him for doing such an amazing job.

He then asked me to take a seat and began to explain in detail how to care for my new hair each day and gave me a detailed plan on paper. He then gave me a spray that he explained would help to clean any blood away from the surrounding area. After making sure that I was completely happy with the outcome and asking if I had any questions Dr Rogers shook my hand and wished me the best of luck with my new hairline.