Why Choose Westminster Clinic

Why choose Westminster Clinic

Westminster Clinic is a professional but still personal organisation run by Dr Rogers as the Medical Director, assisted by experienced and friendly staff, both clinically and administratively. His team of doctors and technicians are all qualified and personally trained by him.

Dr Rogers has over 25 years experience in hair transplantation and was the first to introduce both the FUE technique and trichophytic closure method to the UK, way back in 2003.

We work to a quality standard, rather than a price, which is why we do not try to compete on hair transplant cost with other clinics – you want us to perform the best hair transplant surgery, not to cut corners financially.

We usually only perform one hair transplant surgery per day, with that patient solely as our focus, taking as much time as we need. We don’t rush to fit in a second or third patient, as some may do to offer low prices (but then can’t offer the time that is needed for a quality hair transplant experience).

Likewise, it’s usually Dr Rogers who does the consultation and Dr Rogers who plans the hair transplant surgery – only he can truly tell you what is possible.

Great experience

With over 5000 successful hair transplants, we have an enviable reputation for both our results and our service. Our team of doctors and medical technicians are all highly trained and overseen by Dr Rogers himself, to deliver the highest standard of clinical excellence in the field of hair restoration. As we are now a hair loss clinic based in London, we are proudly Westminster Clinic, although previously known as Rogers Medical and our office headquaters, which is also available for hair loss consultations, is in Stratford on Avon, near Birmingham.

A private hair consultation with one of our hair transplant surgeons lasts 30 minutes and costs just £75. Unlike some clinics, we charge for our consultations because you actually consult with a doctor personally, not with a sales rep. This is particularly important if you have had previous surgery, or if you’re young, or had the old style punch grafts, or if you need your hair transplant repairing. Dr Rogers has become expert at repairing hair transplants that have gone wrong and will occasionally perform pro bono hair transplants and sometimes the NHS will pay the hair transplant costs.

We also believe that if you are serious about having a hair transplant, you will take the time and money to come and see us, as only the doctor who will be performing the hair transplantation can truly give you an accurate recommendation. So if you’re looking for a hair transplant UK based and concerned more about natural quality, then we believe you should come for a consultation and get all the hair loss and hair transplant information you need.

Westminster Clinic admin staff

Westminster Clinic admin staff

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Dr Rogers and hair technicians in Prague

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Very professional team and painless hair transplant. Recommending without a doubt!