Eyebrows, Eyelashes, Sideburns, Beards, Scars

Eyebrows, eye lashes, sideburns, beards, scars

Eyebrows, eyelashes, side burns, beards, scars hair transplant repairs: it is possible to move hair from almost any part of the body to another part (of the same person). Hence, body hair transplants from chest, back, arms or legs to the scalp. Or scalp hair to some other body area. However, success does vary:

Eyebrow hair transplants

Generally are very successful, we have performed many of these over the past 15 years, usually because of women over plucking them but also for aesthetic reasons and trauma. Dr Rogers medical skills are very important in understanding the best aesthetic result for each patient.

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Depending on the facelift technique used, the sideburn hair is lost during the procedure, which look somewhat odd, even in women.

View a case study on one of our sideburn restorations.

Beard & moustache

Most often due to trauma although we have performed it to help disguise the scar from a cleft lip repair and to cosmetically thicken patchy areas of beard and mustache.

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Eye lashes

Very difficult to perform but can be very helpful. Most often due to traumatic, traction damage by carelessly removing fake eyelashes and literally pulling the eyelashes out by the roots.

Body hair to the scalp

Usually as a last resort when all the scalp donor has been used already but greater density is still required. It works but there are hair differences and it is very time consuming and expensive.

Pubic hair

Although it is fashionable to groom the pubic hair, sometimes people regret removing too much on a permanent basis and wish to restore some density again.

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Made me feel very comfortable. Friendly and professional, a very good experience. I would definitely recommend this hair transplant clinic. Thank you all so very much.