Thickeners & Camouflagers

Thickeners & Camouflagers


Cosmetically Improving your hair

There are no magic solutions to hair restoration but there are a variety of techniques that work. We aim to give you the information so that you can make the decision that suits you.

Sometimes, in the early stages, all you need to do is to change your hairstyle. We’d also recommend considering medication to stop further hair loss, potentially in 90% of men. It’s also useful to try hair thickeners. Buy products

Hair Styling for Hair Loss

This can be trial and error because different hair textures do look and respond differently. A good hairdresser and your own preference is key but things to consider are:

Hair length often gets shorter as hair loss increases. This does decrease the contrast between bald skin, thinning hair and the much thicker donor areas and is quite fashionable at the moment (unlike the 1970’s!). It is worth trying the buzz cut before committing to a hair transplant, simply to see if it suits. Some look good with this (Yul Bryner, Vin Diesel, Patrick Stewart) but others just don’t.

In fact, most people are probably better off with a medium cut as hair length does provide coverage by overlapping the hairs as they grow. Hair that is too long can just look straggly or turn into a “combover”. This advice is also true for transplanted hair.

Hair Thickening Products

Camouflage products can be very useful, particularly for thinning hair. They help by coating the hair physically, making it look thicker and denser. They also cover the scalp underneath, which helps reduce the contrast between lighter skin and darker hair. There are different types which suit some people better than others, so it is often best to try a few different makes.

Dry Fibre

This includes Nanogen, Toppik, Sure Thik

These are dry, short fibres which come in different colours to match your hair. Although similar, they differ in fibre lengths and thicknesses, so worth experimenting with different brands.

Scalp Creme

Dermatch is probably the best known and is very similar to facial foundation creme. It’s applied with a sponge applicator and colours both your hair and your scalp, reducing the contrast and “shine though” look. It can be used with the dry fibres as the fibres give “volume” which the creme doesn’t – it can look flat and painted on.

Spray on

Mane, Cover Up

These are similar to scalp creme but obviously sprayed on.

We recommend the dry fibre types, such as Nanogen which give a more natural coverage as the spray on types tend to look too heavy, dark and give a “painted on” hairline. We also suggest that a little is better than a lot! If you overdo any of these products, they will look fake, not natural. Best to accept some hair thinning but naturally so, rather than too thick.

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