FUE hair transplant

FUE hair transplant – follicular unit extraction (aka Woods, FIT and DHI techniques) has been introduced in the past decade. It involves extracting each follicle one at a time. Dr Rogers was the first in the UK to start performing FUE in 2003.

As can be seen from these photos, normally the whole head is shaved to allow for the individual extraction, then reinserted using the same technique as used for the FUT (strip) method.


Hairline & temples FUE hair transplant

This 32 year old male had a mildly receding hair line and temple loss. He was keen to prevent the hairline going further back – effectively drawing “a line in the sand” and then taking Finasteride to help prevent further loss.

Additional Images

Crown FUE

FUE photo showing how the recovery post FUE is cosmetically pretty good at just seven days and the follow up photo at 12 months

FUE 7 days

What our patients say

It’s ten to one and I’ve had my strip removed. I’m eating lunch whilst the girls are working on my grafts.

My experience has been so positive, the consultation professional and friendly, taking on board all my concerns.The girls have been funny, keeping me relaxed.

Thank you all.