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Cost and prices for hair transplants & procedures

How much is a hair transplant? Is a hair transplant worth the cost? Only you can decide that but with clinics charging anywhere from £3000 to £30,000 per session, it can be confusing.

People often ask “how much is an FUE hair transplant in London or the UK?”

However, Westminster Clinic in London, is one of the few clinics with transparent pricing on their website. Save money on your UK hair transplant by coming direct and cutting out the middle men. So, if you want the best hair transplant and money is not your deciding factor, then read on. But, how much does a hair transplant cost?

How much does a hair transplant cost?

Bear in mind that hair transplants require highly skilled staff such as Dr Rogers with 26 years experience himself, plus his head FUE technician, who has been assisting him for 20 years. Don’t be mislead by clinics who add all the years of their staff together, to try to claim a large amount of experience.

Time is also very important, not rushing to get the next patient in. That’s why we only perform one major hair transplant procedure per day.

Costs and prices for hair transplant procedures depend heavily on your level of hair loss, your aspirations and the chosen method of hair transplant surgery. The only sure way to be more precise on the number of grafts required and the cost, is through a private consultation with one of our surgeons. We always endeavour to provide the best hair transplant price in the UK as well as the best hair transplant but inevitably, costs tend to rise with quality. The hair transplant results are more important than cost and you shouldn’t be swayed by salesmen who promise a discount “if you book today” or ring repeatedly every week.

We’re already “30%” less than those clinics who have to entice you with discounts to pay for their sales staff as we don’t have salespeople on commission!

However, it’s fair to say that you wouldn’t want us to cut corners on the quality of your hair transplant, so we are not embarrassed to say we aren’t the cheapest hair transplant clinic in London, or even a cheap hair transplant in the UK, but offer a high quality service and hair transplant result. A cheap hair transplant simply looks unnatural and a cheap hair transplant can be very costly in terms of repair work and worry and lowered self esteem – just look at the problems associated with the cheap hair transplant mills.

Work out how much a good hair transplant will cost you, using our costs and prices for hair transplants calculator, below:

How many Hair Transplant grafts or sessions will I need?

Most patients will need two or more sessions of hair transplantation. However to give a general approximation on the graft requirement and so the likely cost per session, the diagram shows an indicative number of grafts to give a reasonable density of hair over the associated area.

Patients may require more or fewer grafts than indicated to achieve a desired density; this can be confirmed at the time of consultation. Also, most patients will want a second session per area, to achieve the density they are looking for. It’s also a good idea to set a priority area – there is a limited number of donor grafts available and simply saying that “everything is a priority” isn’t helpful! Generally, the frontal region is the most important – it’s what you see in the mirror and what people see when talking to you. The crown is less obvious.

Note that the cost is the same whether it is the FUE or FUT (strip) hair transplant cost.

Lastly, whether these numbers of grafts are achievable, depends solely on the quality of the patients’ donor area and this does differ from patient to patient. You cannot “think of a number” and double it! Again, don’t be mislead by clinics who “upscale” the numbers of grafts that are needed or advisable.

Do we do discounts? Yes for returning patients and for patients who allow us to use their before and after hair transplant photos. Your face can be obscured if necessary.

Cost and prices for hair transplants calculator

  • Area 1 – 1,000+ Grafts
  • Area 2 – 1,500+ Grafts
  • Area 3 – 1,000 Grafts
  • Area 4 – 1,000 to 2,000 Grafts

costs-prices-imgAdd two or more areas together to estimate the number of grafts needed, so areas 1+2 together, will need 2500 grafts.

Private consultation with one of our hair surgeons – £75

With over 5000 successful hair transplants by Dr Rogers working as the Westminster Clinic, we have an enviable reputation for both our results and our service.

Hair Transplant Costs and prices in the UK, 2022

FUE hair transplant technique cost

All hair transplant patients receive our top quality, free, After Care package, including graft spray, painkillers and a 12 month review for complete satisfaction

  • Cost of 500 FUE grafts – from £3500
  • Cost of 1,000 FUE grafts – from £5000
  • Cost of 1500 FUE grafts – from £6000
  • Cost of 2000 FUE grafts – from £7000
  • Cost of 2500 FUE grafts – from £8000
  • Cost of 3000 FUE grafts – single megasession from £9000 – if the donor allows it
  • Cost of 4000 FUE grafts – single megasession from £12000 – if the donor allows it

FUE mega sessions – 3000 – 4000 FUE grafts may need to be performed over two days

Combined FUE and FUT mega sessions are increasingly in demand, especially for those patients whose density isn’t high enough for a single megasession

Cost of Non shaven U-FUE – only for small sessions/areas of 500-700 max – £3500

Strip hair transplant technique aka FUT cost

  • Cost of 1,000 FUT grafts – £5000
  • Cost of 1,500 FUT grafts – £6000
  • Cost of 2,000 FUT grafts – £7000
  • Cost of 2,500 FUT grafts – £8000
  • Cost of 3,000 FUT grafts – £9000 – megasessions  performed in just one day (donor permitting)
  • Strip scar revision – simple scar removal only – £1000
  • Eyebrow hair transplant – both eyebrows – £3500
  • Sideburn hair transplant – both sideburns – £3000
  • Beard hair transplant  – (cheeks) – £4000   see article
  • Chin hair transplant –  £2500 (can be combined for suitable patients only, with beards)

Female hair loss specialist package

Female hair loss specialist package – £1000 – consultation, blood tests, review and initial treatments, review after 12 months

Regenerative Medicine

This is an exciting new direction for hair restoration, please contact us for more details or see our treatment pages.

Hair transplant cost increases, terms & conditions

Inevitably, with the Covid pandemic, transport costs and changes to border controls, our overheads have risen. After absorbing much of these in the past 2 years, we are now having to pass these onto our patients.

*All prices are subject to surgeon / availability. Short notice discounts may sometimes be available. Please call for details. All prices are valid from 01/01/2023. Prices and graft numbers are approximate figures only, and can only be confirmed through a private consultation. An average graft consists of two hairs (two follicles or hair roots) Prices quoted above are for a single session; prices for multiple FUE sessions are available upon request There are no additional charges. All surgery prices quoted during consultation are valid for three months. To confirm a date for a procedure to be carried out, we will require a non-refundable theatre deposit of £1000. If a procedure is cancelled within three working days of a booked procedure, we will require a further payment of £750, unless the clinic manages to secure a replacement patient.

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