Hair Transplants

Do hair transplants work?

Information about hair transplants – how do they work?

Essentially, hair transplants are a very simple idea, basically gardening on a miniature scale. Hair is taken from the donor area and re – implanted into the recipient area. It retains the same characteristics of colour, curl and other textures as it did before (there are exceptions, see below about body hair transplants).

To use the gardening analogy, if you dig up a daffodil bulb from one corner of the garden and move it to a different patch, it still remains a daffodil – it doesn’t turn into a rose or a cabbage! Also, you lose that bulb from the corner but gain it in the new patch. This is a very important point, you are not making new hair, merely relocating it.

There are two ways to relocate the hair bulbs:

Strip (FUT) hair transplant or FUE (follicular unit graft) hair transplant

Fortunately, everybody has higher density, thicker hair at the back and sides, than they do on the top. This is true even without any male pattern hair loss and is why people have a “short back and sides” haircut. It is also true for both male hair transplant and female hair transplants.

The picture below shows the donor area in dark brown and the potential recipient areas are numbered. So if you are bald in areas 1 and 2, then that is the recipient area which needs hair transplanting.

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hair transplant donor

Donor & recipient areas

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What our patients say

My bald patches are now replaced with hair which is slowly growing. I am more than made-up! The results are fantastic and I couldn’t be happier.

Debbie M