Dr Rogers hair transplant

Dr Rogers hair transplant history, from 1997 -2016

Having started performing hair transplants in 1996, Dr Rogers also started Propecia/Finasteride in 1997, which helped stop further hair loss but didn’t really regrow much hair except on his crown. Fortunately, it carried on working (and still does) until he finally got around to having his first strip hair transplant in 2007. This made a significant improvement until the urge to further tweak his hairline, prompted him to have a second, FUE hair transplant. Elsewhere on this site, Dr Rogers explains about FUE vs FUT and his personal experience/blog.


On Propecia

This shows him just before his first strip hair transplant but on the 5 DHT blocker Propecia



Just before second hair transplant


Dr Rogers hairline transplant


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Very professional team and painless hair transplant. Recommending without a doubt!