Hair Transplant Schedule

After having had a consultation with one of our doctors, you will have a recommended number of grafts and sessions and the cost of those.

Once you are ready to book a date for your procedure (normally about 4-6 weeks ahead), then we will ask you for a non refundable deposit of £500 to secure your booking and send out a letter of confirmation. This will include preoperative instructions and consent form which can also be downloaded from this site.

On the day we normally need you in by 09.30am in Harley Street but the time will be confirmed to you.

We recommend that you wear button up shirts (not T shirts), have a good breakfast and allow enough time to get here promptly. We can help find local accommodation if you wish.
You need to bring a stiff baseball hat to wear afterwards (not a woolly, beanie or floppy hat).

You will get chance to speak to your doctor before the procedure and they can discuss any other queries with you. Your “before” photos will be taken and your blood pressure/health checked over by the nurse. Patients rarely need any sedation as most people find it easier than going to the dentist but please tell us before the day of procedure if you feel you will need some relaxants (eg you have needle phobia etc).

Normally, the first part of the procedure (when the hair grafts are removed) takes about 1 hour and then it is time for a break before lunch. The second part is usually much longer, as that is when the grafts are replaced.

During this break, we provide lunch – please let us know of any dietary requirements.

Depending on the number of grafts, we will usually finish the procedure by mid to late afternoon, so please make sure you have put enough money in the car park.

Finally, once finished, we’ll go over your instructions and you’re free to go. It is useful to bring a firm baseball cap (not woollen hat) to wear to go home with afterwards.

Dr Rogers “After eleven years in hair restoration surgery and ten years of stabilising my own hair loss with Propecia, I thought it was time to have a hair transplant myself. Like all patients, I have my own “comfort zone” where the degree of hair loss was acceptable (even if I didn’t like it!) and Propecia has kept me at that level. However, although the Propecia is still working, things change. In particular, hair loss does age you. Young guys can still look young with hair loss but men in their 30’s and 40’s can suddenly start looking ten years older than they really are. So for me, it wasn’t a change in my hair loss that made me have a hair transplant, it was the ageing of my face that prompted me to do something. Also, like all doctors, I’m a terrible patient because I’m used to being the one performing the surgery, so I really needed to find someone I felt comfortable with, both personally and professionally. Having trained Dr Kemp myself and seen her work, I found the doctor for me.”

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What our patients say

Made me feel very comfortable. Friendly and professional, a very good experience. I would definitely recommend this hair transplant clinic. Thank you all so very much.