StemVita is a professional, reputable stem cell treatment protocol, backed by science, dedicated to pursuing the highest standards of stem cell research.

Treatments include adipose stem cell transplants from abdominal fat, then treated by filtration, centrifugation, cleaning and finally injected, either into scalp, facial skin or joints. Because they are your own stem cells, they are safe and not rejected. And because they are not pluripotent but specific stem cells, they are not programmed to multiply, which could be dangerous i.e. like embryonic stem cells are.

It is an evidence based treatment that are proven to benefit patients, using both peer reviewed studies and in house protocols to ensure a consistent quality product. The current focus is for hair loss, both male and female but the evidence is also starting to build for alopecia areata, frontal fibrosing alopecia, Lyme disease and skin rejuvenation treatments (often called Nanofat).

Where StemVita is different, is that their protocols ensure a documented quantity of living stem cells. Other clinics who are claiming to offer stem cell treatments, use what is known as a “blind protocol.” What this means is that they follow the instructions but do not check for quality control before injecting into the patient. A bit like baking a cake but never actually tasting it before baking more.

Stemvita also offers Nanofat combined with PRP and PRF. Nanofat is liquidised abdominal fat, which has the highest concentration of stem cells and once mixed with PRP and PRF, forms a highly stimulating, activated product which increases hair volume. We call these our Stem Gems, golden globules of stem cell rich Nanofat.

PRP is platelet rich plasma and PRF is platelet rich fibrin. PRP is now used with PRF as the PRF is a longer acting version of PRP

PRP (platelet rich plasma) is a treatment used in many fields, including hair transplantation, to stimulate (or activate) stem cells within the skin, thereby stimulating hair follicles to grow. However, the problem with PRP is again that the results have been inconsistent, due to different protocols and quality control. StemVita both improves the results of PRP injections but also “supercharges” these results by using stem cells to give a more powerful, longer lasting treatment.

Undoubtedly, as an advanced treatment, StemVita isn’t for everybody but for those who can take advantage of it, stem cell transplants do have additional benefits over traditional treatments. It’s not just our words: Explore Stem Cells

Preferentially treated as a stem cell FUE or stem cell FUT package, along with PRP top ups, Propecia, Acell and Hypothermasol as a year’s advanced hair loss treatment. Essentially, a complete treatment, the best available anywhere in the world which is certain to give significant improvement over 12 months. Stem cell therapy costs

StemVita stem cell treatments are for:

Male hair loss

Female hair loss

Alopecia areata and frontal fibrosing alopecia (scarring alopecias)

Used with hair loss drugs, SMP or hair transplants (for greatest benefit)

Used instead of hair loss drugs, SMP or hair transplants (for those patients unable or unwilling to have these treatments)

Lyme disease

Joint arthritis


female hair loss

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What our patients say

Excellent team. I’m thrilled with the results from my first hair transplant. Looking forward to seeing how my hair thickens after this second visit. Thank you for all your hard work. I really enjoyed the day.