Hair transplant studies

Here is a selection of hair transplant studies – photos (more photos) and case studies from our patients. They are examples of genuine and untouched before and after photos, showing a variety of hair transplant results – from bald (Norwood scale 7) men, female hair loss, hairline advancement, crown thickening, scar repairs and even eyebrow transplants.

They are chosen as examples, that can be achieved without use of hair thickeners, photoshop or any other enhancements. We do not take photos for promotional purposes but to simply act as a record. It is easy for patients to forget how they used to look – hair regrowth is a slow process over 24 months of maturation.

To understand more about different hair transplant treatments available visit the link below:

It’s ten to one and I’ve had my strip removed. I’m eating lunch whilst the girls are working on my grafts.

My experience has been so positive, the consultation professional and friendly, taking on board all my concerns.The girls have been funny, keeping me relaxed.

Thank you all.