Unlimited grafts

What does unlimited grafts mean in FUE hair transplants? How can you have unlimited grafts?

Essentially, this statement in a Facebook page advert is at best misleading but at worst, it’s a downright lie. No hair transplant patient can have unlimited grafts because quite simply, most patients have only 5000-7000 grafts in total that can be transplanted. Remove any more than that and the patient donor area will start looking sparse, depleted, moth eaten etc. This sort of donor damage cannot be repaired. Once it’s been done, there is only camouflage that will help i.e. SMP, Dermatch, sprays or hairpieces.

It isn’t just hair clinics in Turkey that are guilty of this, Dr Rogers has seen for medic-legal purposes, patients who have been damaged by FUE over harvesting in the UK. Whatever you might see on the internet, it isn’t just FUT (strip) that can cause visible scarring.

What is important is that either FUE or FUE is performed by an ethical clinic, by a doctor who has been trained and experienced in hair transplants, who has the long term care for their patients in mind.

That means patients should be wary of going to clinics who are advertising “unlimited grafts” at unbelievably low prices. Something has to “give.” Modern high quality hair transplantation is a labour intensive, highly skilled procedure which cannot be performed on the cheap. It takes time and time is money.

Putting something right usually costs a lot more than getting it right the first time, even if it does cost a little more. You shouldn’t take a chance with your hair, the risk is far more than just wasting your money.



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