Many people are reluctant to take tablets, such as Finasteride, Dutasteride or Minoxidil, because of their worries of side effects. Although side effects are uncommon and serious side effects very rare, it can still put patients off using these undeniably effective medicines.

One option recently available, is to use these medicines topically – rubbed into the skin once daily. If the correct formulation is used, they can be just as good as the tablets with less risk of side effects.

However, the correct formulation has not been widely used. Many clinics have jumped onto the “me too” bandwagon of simply dissolving the ingredients in alcohol and expecting it to work. But this was proven to be ineffective in studies done 20 years ago.

Fortunately, after much research, we have now found a supplier who can dispense an alcohol free, compound of Finasteride 0.25%, Dutasteride 0.25%, with or without Minoxidil. This is dissolved in a lipophilic, low allergen dilutent, proven liquid to penetrate the skin barrier to reach the hair follicle.

We can prescribe this for our patients as an option to tablets. Unfortunately, as a premium bespoke prescription, it is more expensive than tablets. However, for those patients who would prefer a topical solution or have a sensivity to alcohol/glycol, then the slight price cost, will be well worth it.

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