Non shaven U FUE – New!

There are many ways to perform what is commonly called non shaven FUE or U-FUE for short.

Probably the most effective is the simplest – combing and separating the hair into partings and then trimming the hair into very narrow “stripes” then performing standard FUE. Because it is the normal way of doing it, then the extraction quality  and regrowth is high.

Another is to use a special slotted punch to pass the hair through and then performing FUE. But this is a slow technique.

Lastly, you can just ignore the hair and assume the sharp punch will just cut through the hair and just extract FUE as normal. But the long hair will alter the angulation and also blunt the punch quickly.

At Westminster Clinic, we are introducing the first option for small sessions only of non shaven U FUE of approximately 600 grafts for £3000 i.e. Non shaven U FUE grafts at £5 per graft



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