Nanofat stem cells for hair loss

Nanofat stem cell treatment, known as Stemvita (c), is where stem cells from abdominal adipose fat, is filtered and concentrated then re-injected into the scalp to promote improved hair growth.

As seen in a recent Mail on Sunday article, stem cells taken from the fat around the tummy button, are easily obtained and are the best, most numerous stem cells to use. These have been proven in many trials, to promote better hair growth in patients with hair loss.

There are differences between techniques though – the Kerastem technique uses enzymes and greater filtration and concentration of stem cells to purify the fat. However, more recent trials suggest that this is “throwing the baby out with the bath water” as there are constituents of the fat which seem to have benefit too. Therefore Stemvita doesn’t use enzymes and is a more “natural” product although still filtering and concentrating the fat into a creamy injection.

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