Hair transplant hairline symmetry

What is it, do you really want it, does it look natural? We are often asked during consultations with our hair loss doctors, to draw on example hairlines to demonstrate how the patient might look. Frequently, patients wish for a perfectly symmetrical hairline, even if they have never had a perfect hairline before!

Which, almost certainly, they didn’t have. Dr Rogers performed a study some years ago, published in the ISHRS hair forum journal (Asymmetrical hairlines), that showed that approximately three quarters of men had greater hair loss on the right temple (and therefore one quarter of men the hair loss was greater on the left temple).

And this ties in with the fact people are not symmetrical – eyes, ears, noses etc are different heights or have bends or lumps). And in the study link below, perfect symmetry is not necessarily better or desirable. Indeed, we definitely advise against the “Action man or GI Joe” hairline.

“What happens if we make the Mona Lisa more symmetrical?”

Article here


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