FUE vs Strip hair transplant

FUE vs strip hair transplant – pros and cons.

As a doctor who has performed strip hair transplants since 1996 and FUE hair transplants since 2003, Dr Rogers believes there are advantages and disadvantages to both techniques. The question is which is the best hair transplant for that patient? Having had both methods of hair transplant himself, Dr Rogers is very well qualified to guide you.

(FUT) Strip hair transplant

In terms of results, strip hair transplants produce more grafts, more quickly and more consistently than FUE transplants. This also makes them cheaper in the long run. So if you need lots of grafts (more than 2000), it is very important to consider the strip method.

However, the downside for some patients is that strip removal leaves a straight line scar in the donor area. For most men, this is not a problem – it normally heals well and is easily hidden with a clippers grade 3 or longer hair cut. It tends to heal very well indeed after the age of 40 and generally we wouldn’t advise FUE in most men above this age.

Dr Rogers 2000 FUT

Dr Rogers 2000 FUT

FUE hair transplant

But if you are younger (20’s), like grade 1-2 hair cuts or are known not to heal well, then FUE might be a better option. FUE leaves little white dot scars where the hair is removed. These are more easily hidden even with a short hair cut. But FUE hair transplants are still surgery, they still leave some visible changes if you shave your head and there are downsides too. FUE, because it is a “blind” method, is slower, less consistent and ultimately cannot produce as many grafts. It is also more expensive.

Dr Ted Miln 2500 FUE

Dr Ted Miln 2500 FUE

Dr Rogers opinion

“For me, experiencing both hair transplant techniques was enlightening.

Overall, I preferred the strip method: the extraction was quicker and in some ways, the recovery also quicker. My hair was able to cover the stitches immediately and the donor area felt more back to normal more quickly. The FUE was more visible both immediately and for the next 2-3 weeks until the redness had faded and the hair had grown long enough to cover it. However, the strip was more painful for the first few nights than FUE. But counterbalancing that, the FUE donor area remained somewhat uncomfortable in a “prickly, itchy sort of way”) for about 3-4 weeks, which I didn’t expect. Then again, I was able to get back in the gym after just one week whereas I advise two weeks for the strip method.”

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    What our patients say

    All went well thank you.

    No issues as of yet but then again I don’t expect any from the great service you and Dr Rogers provide

    Thank you



    Hi, It’s taken me a while to leave a review and it’s a positive thing.  My overall experience has been been exceptional, from consultationto the actual FUT procedure and now 11 weeks later results are showing , and I have hair growing through.

    Dr Rogers and his team at the Westminster Clonic were friendly , informative and made me feel comfortable. The procedure was pain free. And it’s now looking like it was well worth while. So pleased. Thank you.

    Andy S


    Please can you tell Dr Rogers am so very pleased with what he did for me last Friday.

    I enclose a photo were my brother painstakingly and carefully blended in the cut at the sides and back with touching the top at all so not to disturb grafts under strict instructions

    I have used a touch-up concealer for the sides to tone the grey and have taken MSN 4 a day and have growth there  of grade 1 plus am off work till Monday.

    Please show him and girls attached photo as you wouldn’t notice 😉 because it’s a professional job done Thanks to all!

    David S

    Dear Dr Rogers,

    Thank you again for taking me through the surgery yesterday, for your (and your staff’s) expert guidance, patience and diligence throughout the process. I’m hoping that the grafts were a good quality and the transplant a success. Only time will tell.

    Many thanks,