Dr Rogers hair transplant complaints #3

 Hair Loss Forums and Reviews

Like many things on the internet, there is a lot of useful information mixed in with a lot of misleading statements and discussions for personal agendas.

Review sites inevitably contain postings from either the site itself, the clinic (or restaurant, hotel etc) and some genuine customers. There’s probably also reviews from rivals too. So all must be taken with a pinch of salt. Having said that, they may help make a choice.

Hair loss forum sites can be information portals, review sites, patient self help groups and paid for advertising companies all rolled into one. This means there are many hidden agendas talking to the innocent or naïve browser of these hair loss forums.

Hair loss forums generally do contain a lot of useful information about the types of hair loss treatments, drug benefits and side effects, types of hair transplant surgery, types of hair loss, male and female pattern, alopecias etc.

They can guide you through what makes a good hair transplant candidate, pre op and post op recovery expectations and of course, reviews of hair transplant surgeons. This, of course, is where things get complicated…

Firstly, there is no good definition of what makes a great hair transplant. Patients vary in terms of hair quality, donor density, amount of hair loss, healing qualities and expectations.

Secondly, it is important to realise these sites are businesses which need to make a profit, paid for by advertising from clinics. So it’s likely there will be biases. Additionally, some of these sites are owned by clinics which will be certainly be biased.

Lastly, many of the posters are sales people masquerading as genuine patients. Especially those who are most ardent about specific doctors or indeed, most dismissive of others.


Our advice, keep an open mind.


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