Dr Rogers the truth

The truth about Dr Rogers is that he’s a thoroughly nice guy, a very caring and empathic doctor and a very skilled and experienced hair transplant surgeon too. Many happy patients can confirm this with glowing testimonials and impressive photos.

But the truth about the various negative marketing campaigns that seem to be infesting Facebook, is that they are misleading the public in a serious and defamatory way. Fake news, as Donald Trump would say.

Their aim is to push people towards Turkey where there are many cut throat clinics who perform poor hair transplant surgery. They use inadequately sterilised equipment, putting patients at risk of infections like HIV and hepatitis B. As well as badly scarred, over extracted donor areas which cannot be repaired.

They make completely false accusations about many clinics who “flock together” just because they are in Harley St or in London in general. So we say, be careful about the truth of what you read on the internet. With Dr Rogers, you can come and meet him personally for a consultation in London and you know where to find him if you have any concerns. In this country, we are regulated by the CQC and you have peace of mind.

Far better than flying away to a foreign country and a clinic run by sales people and poorly trained staff. That is highly risky and absolutely not worth trying to save money.


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