My hair transplant review                                                                                                     4th December 2019

My hair transplant with Dr Rogers was on 14th March 2019 at 9am at the Harley Street clinic. I have waited this long to do a review because I wanted it to be a reflection not only of my experience on the day but my experience 9 months hence.

So, back to the day of the procedure…. I had been advised by Mark to have a very big breakfast (and later understood why!).  A short time after my arrival I was taken upstairs and sat in a waiting room. I had already paid a deposit so the rest of the money was due but my card played up and the money wasn’t released!  I was devastated, expecting the procedure to be cancelled but to my amazement and absolute gratitude, they decided I was trustworthy and the procedure went ahead anyway.

I was taken into another room where the procedure was to take place and as well as Dr Rogers, a Doctor in training was also present. This in addition to 4 Technicians who I was told were responsible for handling/inserting the grafts. Everyone was warm and welcoming and the room was clean and clinical.

Just to give you a clearer picture – I suffer with panic attacks and, as you can perhaps imagine, my anxiety was at an all-time high. As a consequence, I ask a lot of questions and Dr Rogers answered them all patiently and professionally.

He explained the first step – anaesthetic to the donor area. This wasn’t pleasant but I can honestly say it was more than bearable – I think it’s the idea of injections in the head that’s a little disturbing but really, it’s fine. The worst part for me came after the strip had been removed and I was having stitches to close the wound. My heart suddenly started racing and I felt a surge of panic. I told Dr Rogers and his reaction brought some comfort. He explained that the anaesthetic contains adrenalin and because of my anxiety, my body was creating even more, hence the reaction. He reassured that it would pass and you know what – it did! After that, I had untold faith in him and relaxed. By the way, this ‘adrenalin reaction’ can happen anyway, so be warned!

Once the wound was closed I was asked if wanted to break for lunch. I chose to do so. Mark was so right – food was absolutely critical. Thank goodness I had listened and had the biggest breakfast – the reaction to the anaesthetic is likely to have been a lot worse had I not and for that reason I opted for lunch. They provided a sandwich and a drink of choice – it was sufficient.

The next step was the insertion of the grafts which Dr Rogers explained would be undertaken by the Technicians – with his oversight. At first I was a little uncertain, the Captain was leaving the ship (!!) but once again there was no need for concern – the Technicians are also highly skilled in their field and anyway Dr Rogers kept popping in to ensure all was as it should be. I liked that!

A little more about the Technicians now – they were warm and friendly and spoke to me throughout. By the time it was all over I was more relaxed than I could have ever dreamed possible! Many, many thanks to them!

I chose to take 2 weeks off work and for a whole week thereafter Mark called me every morning. In my opinion he’s an asset to the team. It was largely because of him that I made the final decision to go ahead – forever patient and on hand to reassure and answer my many, many  queries and …. what can I say about the after-care? My advice to you is – follow his instructions and all will be well. This team really do have customer care down to a T because after the procedure you would otherwise feel alone and uncertain but Mark leads you, directs you, reassures you and is just what you need to get over that final hurdle! Many, many thanks to him too!

And so fast forward 9 months. My bald patches are now replaced with hair which is slowly growing. I am more than made-up! The results are fantastic and I couldn’t be happier. I have faced the fact that I need one last procedure but this isn’t new to me and I will go ahead confident of the competence of Dr Rogers and his team.  They have my vote every time J D.M


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