Dr Rogers FUE hair transplant blog

Dr Rogers had a strip hair transplant in 2007 but didn’t get around to having another, until now!

Since he was very pleased with the results of just the one session and being so busy performing hair transplants for other patients, it’s always been on the back burner. But now with another birthday approaching (39 and a few days..) it was time again.

Dr Rogers FUE hair transplant



Over the next few posts, Dr Rogers will show the post op recovery of FUE, so that patients can know how much time off work is required etc. He will also explain the differences between FUE vs Strip, as a patient experience. This puts him in a fairly unique position to help guide patients to make the right choice for them. Why did he have FUE this time and not another strip? What would he do if he had a third hair transplant?

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