FUE photos 6 months

FUE results

FUE results at 6 months from Chris, a well known actor.

FUE photos 6 months

FUE results 6 months

Hi all,

My name is Chris Edgerley, and I’d like to share the current progress of my FUE hair transplant procedure at six months post op.

A little background information:

I’m a TV and theatre actor and started to notice my hair loss getting worse 7 years ago as I approached 30. I noticed my hairline corners slowly creeping back and becoming more and more visible over time. Having no family history of hair loss (only high foreheads) I knew I was never destined for total baldness. Over the last 2 years my temple corners have really bothered me; and being in the acting and theatre world one is certainly judged on appearance! I knew I wanted to do something about this as I’m constantly styling my hair to hide my recession and controlling it with hairspray.

Over the last few years I did a run of TV commercials and after watching them back I decided enough is enough, I’m going to strengthen my hairline!





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