Dr Rogers hair transplant complaints

Dr Rogers hair transplant complaints blog is where Dr Rogers will be writing his views and reviews about a number of his pet complaints regarding the hair transplant speciality. The complaints that will be under Dr Rogers under investigation will include:

Dr Rogers hair transplant complaints list of blogs to come:

FUE technicians performing the hair extraction process vs doctors – click here

Turkish hair transplant clinic results, including over harvesting – click here

Hair forums and secret salesmen who review their own and rival’s clinics click here

Unnatural hairlines and unnatural corn row hair graft implantation

Results, especially density and naturalness

Respecting that both FUE and FUT (strip) have their place in offering the best hair transplant results to each patient

The commercialisation and corporate mentality taking over the hair transplant speciality instead of the one to one approach favoured by Dr Rogers


All these opinions will be his own and are general, not specific to any one doctor or clinic but are his observations from his 22 years experience. First article coming soon…

Excellent team. I’m thrilled with the results from my first hair transplant. Looking forward to seeing how my hair thickens after this second visit. Thank you for all your hard work. I really enjoyed the day.