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Coronavirus and hair transplants news

Every patient will rightly be interested in Coronavirus and hair transplant clinic news. We want to update you with the latest info regarding risks and bookings.

Westminster Clinic closure

We have decided during this time of national anxiety about transmitting the coronavirus, that it is sensible to close the clinic temporarily. We are not closing the administration offices however as they can be transferred by technology to work from home. So if you have any questions about previous procedures, bookings for future hair transplants or need to order any more hair loss drugs i.e. Finasteride then don’t worry, you can still contact us using the usual methods.

Hair transplants and risk of Coronavirus

To reassure you further, particularly our recent hair transplant patients, we can say that none of our staff have had any recent coughs, ‘flu’ symptoms nor tested positive. It’s also important to remember that once within the clinic, both staff and patients are in a low risk environment. To explain:

We only have 1-2 patients per day and we wouldn’t treat patients who have any illness anyway, so we have not treated any patients within the past two weeks with any symptoms or contacts.

Secondly, the staff wear gowns, masks and gloves and obviously follow good hygiene policies anyway, for all patients and at all times. This means that patients are less likely to transmit Coronavirus to our staff and less likely for us to transmit it to the patient as well. Hence, the clinic is low risk. Getting to and from the clinic is the problem, which is why we have decided to close temporarily.

Also for our recent patients, there is no evidence to show that catching Coronavirus is likely to cause poor regrowth of the hair grafts.

Dr Ted Miln 2500 FUE

Dr Ted Miln 2500 FUE

FUE grafts

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